Custom Mobile App Solution

Parents spend nearly four hours of their day on their smartphones, with more than 80 percent of that time spent in apps. For teens, those numbers are higher. Match this growing demand with a personalized mobile experience for your stakeholders with our mobile app for Android and iOS.

Through our partnership with Edulink, the custom mobile app becomes a hand-held information hub.

Powerful integration capabilities unifies information from websites, notification systems, social media, portals, push notifications and other content resources.


mobile app
mobile app

Designed For Schools

Personalize the mobile experience with user-based filters and content published directly from your website.  Stakeholders see exactly what is important to them. 
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Functionality is Key

  • Publish content automatically from your website to your app
  • Navigate with intuitive tap and scroll-based navigation
  • Allow users to filter content so they only see what they're interested in 
  • Customize the home screen with school logos and colors, news, blogs & announcements and upcoming events
  • Login to access private calendars, faculty and directories; images, files and news content
  • Allow users to select individual schools in a district so they only see content from the schools relevant to them
mobile app
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