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Site Inspectr
Site Inspectr

Site Inspectr is a robust accessibility scanner that gives real time insights into the ADA errors and broken links your visitors are experiencing.  Our easy-to-understand reporting allows you to quickly see where attention is needed.

The investment in Site Inspectr will be returned in the assurance that your sites are accessible to everyone in the community at a standard that goes beyond minimum requirements and peace of mind that costly litigation is not on the horizon.

SCHOOLinSITES is committed to providing web-communication tools that conform to the highest level of accessibility standards. 

Ensuring that your website is compliant with ADA standards and Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a fundamental task. 

Web-accessibility will be established with content migration and training and ongoing with safeguards in place as your contributors add and edit content.

Shonto Preparatory School

Connect Suite is designed to work for all people; whatever their hardware, software, language, location, or ability.



 Images labeled with alt-tags

 Descriptive links

 Intuitive page design



 Tab-key navigation

 Accessible design patterns

 Trap-free apps

readable content


 Easy to read font styles

 Color Contrast

 Large text display

userway integration


  Seamless integration

 User controls experience

 Increased accessibility

From providing training and best practices to creating a resolution plan and redesigning or creating new websites, SCHOOLinSITES has provided countless hours of guidance through the Office for Civil Rights litigation process.  We are your partner and expert in web-accessibility.

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