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Communicating Beyond Boundaries

Since the 1990’s, SCHOOLinSITES has been providing web hosting solutions for schools and districts. Now that’s a long time! Where would we even begin in discussing technology changes since the latter part of the last century? Maybe it is more important to take a look at what hasn’t changed…Who we are!

When SCHOOLinSITES was founded by two brothers, we were one of the very few companies in the country providing web solutions to schools. Now, the marketplace is certainly more crowded, and as of the past couple of years most others have merged, sold out or have brought in venture capitalists to dictate the direction of their company and maybe, more importantly, the direction of their customers.

Every company must make tough decisions every day. SCHOOLinSITES is very proud that every decision we make is determined by the needs of our most important asset, our customers. We do not have to make decisions about our products, services or customer care based on analysts, Wall Street or fund managers. We make decisions quickly, with our core management team that has been in place since day one. We also make them unencumbered by outside forces, just like we did when we started, because THAT is who we are.