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Why you’ll love Connect Suite

Connect Suite from SCHOOLinSITES is a powerful and easy-to-use digital solution for your district or school.
Providing online community and education tools, Connect Suite is a unified system
that will bring all of your users together, all in one place.
It connects all your dots.



Easy and Intuitive

It’s the best way to do the things you do every day.


So Much So Much Better

It does so much, so much better.


Full Integration

Your District, School, and Users work even better together.

Everything you do with Connect Suite is easier and more intuitive. Whether you’re messaging parents and students, reading and writing email, broadcasting LIVE football games, checking student grades, or turning in your homework, you can do it all from any device, anywhere.


Connect Suite is a unified experience, built ground up for education. No matter what you want to do, a single sign-on means you can get there quickly. Permissions-based access means that you only see the information that matters to you, and an industry-leading commitment to development means that new modules will continue to provide customized functionality.



With Connect Suite, your students, parents, teachers, and administrators can work seamlessly with one another. Shared news and calendars combined with powerful email, SMS, and real-time messaging tools keep everyone on the same page. Parents can keep up with all online interactions between their students and teachers, and an unlimited number of users means that there is plenty of room for everyone. We are your complete digital learning community.





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How Connect Suite works for you

Whatever your challenge, Connect Suite has a solution that
is right for you.




I need a safe way to reach
parents and students on
their mobile devices.



I need a content management
system that is simple and meets the needs of all our users.


Community Engagement

I need a way to engage
with our community and
to provide safe, social learning.

Communication is at the core of Connect Suite. SMS text messages and email notifications are built in, allowing quick notification from your district, school, or individual teachers. Our secure digital classrooms provide safe online interaction that protects students and teachers, keeping parents in the loop.


Connect Suite is not only a powerful CMS, but a complete solution that will save your IT department time and resources. Teachers and staff have permissions-based access that gets them to the areas they need every day. Our amazing support team is available by phone or email for any user, making sure that your stakeholders spend less time on technology and more time on education. 


Connect Suite is your online community. Fully customizable classrooms keep your students and teachers engaged online. Notifications keep parents updated on homework assignments and other school news. Custom website design will showcase your district’s success and highlight your brand, and our powerful user tools mean every user will see the things that matter most to them.


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What Can I Do with Connect Suite?

Connect Suite takes what happens in your classrooms
and brings it online, anywhere and anytime.


Classes Clubs and Sports

Manage your connections
with classes, clubs, and sports.


Snow Days

Keep your students active
when bad weather strikes.



Build your community
with video.

Simple, intuitive, powerful design means teachers and staff have complete control of membership and content, while students can join quickly. Parents stay notified of events, assignments, and direct communication with teachers and students.


Snow days can be a thing of the past. Online classrooms empower teachers to interact with students and post lessons, videos, and more. 


Our robust video platform, optimized for any device, gives you the ability to bring video front and center. Broadcast LIVE events, bringing games, graduations, and more to the screens of everyone in your community. Enrich your homework assignments with videos that get your students engaged. Keep everyone informed with video of your PTA and other important school meetings.




Parent Controls

Keep track of all your students
in one place.


Teacher Pages

Build a teacher page
and blog.


Emergency Communication

Keep everyone informed
in an emergency.

Parents can manage all of their students all in one place, and a unified notification system keeps that parent updated on all of their students, across all of their schools and activities.


Teachers can manage all of their classes, online assignments, and more, through Connect Suite, easily creating a robust page with all of their content. 


In an emergency situation, seconds can count. Connect Suite can send email and SMS text message alerts to all of your users.





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