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Support/Customer Care

Ongoing support of our customers is one of the most important services we provide. This means that your web contributors can count on us to help them as they work toward making their website the best it can be. Our support staff is second-to-none providing you and your staff with help in many different forms. We consider our support a vital component to the entire SCHOOLinSITES solution for your school or district. We understand the needs of the educator and are here to provide that valuable assistance. With that being said, our support is available for all users. Whether you are a webmaster, a staff member, or parent working to post information, there are various methods of support.  

You may contact us by phone and speak with our representatives. They can answer the simplest to the most complex question you might have. Use our feedback button seen right within the program to provide us with your questions, suggestions or concerns and quickly receive a response in writing. Or, you may use our online support form to seek the help you need.

Customer Care at SCHOOLinSITES is our number one focus. We believe it is so important that we have an entire department dedicated to you, the customer. Our entire team is committed to providing you not only with an excellent product, but the best possible customer service experience ever. It has been the backbone of our business from day one.

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