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Our Blog is one of our most popular features because of its ability to create real-time interaction with your website. Our Blog is designed to create a heightened interest in maintaining visitor activity. Entries may be categorized for clear organization and are automatically archived based on date. This feature also provides a full text search allowing the visitor to bring back comments or topics of interest to them. Add RSS feed capability, our advanced content editor permitting embedding of videos, pictures or links, and you have an effective and attractive way of interacting with your website audience.


Many teachers use blogs in the classroom to promote participation from students online. Comments posted to the blog are date-stamped and alerts generated to notify the blogger of the feedback given. Blogs may be set up for comment approval or automatic release of comments. Total control is given to the blogger to ensure successful use of this feature.


With SCHOOLinSITES, you can have your Blog up and running right within your website. There is no need to seek out another program to get started blogging right away!


Perfect for …

  • Attracting real-time interaction by visitors when posting news of awards/accomplishments
  • Journaling during important events and experiences
  • Promoting student involvement in the classroom
  • You!


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