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Private Network


Your SCHOOLinSITES website goes far beyond what is seen by the general public. Planning and build-out of your web-based “intranet” is just as important toward providing your staff and students access they need to important internal resources. Your Private Network feature allows custom structuring of content areas based on focused targeted groups. This means that your administrators gain access to content meant only for them, while other staff members benefit from resources which may be otherwise unreachable outside your schools’ network. Conveniently enough, all this content is accessible from any device with a connection to the Internet.

Through the use of our unique dynamic group-based access, setting permissions is simple and effective. The content you provide is up to you. Teach new systems and software via video tutorials. Share resources and interact with staff through a private Blog. Set up a private website for each school where the administration may post content intended for the staff of that school alone.


The possibilities are endless. The answer is here. And the content is unlimited.


Perfect for …

  • Protected area for log-in based resources
  • Paperless board meetings
  • Controlled interaction through blogs and posted staff resources
  • You!


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