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Our Forms feature provides the user the ability to upload electronic files such as Word, PDF or other common formats to an organized area of the site. This results in ready access to the most common routine documents and files used by your school or district. It also minimizes the cost of providing paper copies for your parents, students or staff thus resulting in a direct cost savings to you.

But we provide even more! Through the use of our online forms, your website users may create custom forms to collect various types of information. Whether you need to present a multiple choice question, fill in the blank, fields to collect names or addresses or a text area for feedback, this tool can provide unlimited custom forms to take care of your data collection needs. Plus, what’s better than automating the process of collecting data? Downloading the data from our secure servers in real-time as responses are received.


Saving time … saving money … getting the results you need.


Perfect for …

  • Quick access to standard files such as school-year calendar or permission forms
  • Gathering and downloading important data with a few clicks and keystrokes
  • Saving real dollars and time
  • You!


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