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Notification Tools

Notify Me allows the sharing of urgent news, announcements and emergency alerts at the click of a mouse. You can notify staff, parents, students and others instantly with this digital connection between your district and the community. You’ll have access to unlimited subscribers, unlimited messages, and the ability to send both emails and text messages. Notify Me also allows for the district to create custom categories and gives the district access to subscribers of all school website subscribers. Messages can include HTML and other multi-media content and feature an automated subscribe/unsubscribe process.

Complimenting Notify Me is our exclusive News Notification Tool. This powerful tool was built in conjunction with our News Integrator tool to allow you to take a news story and quickly format it for a press release. Add email address of media members, board members, VIP and others for an instant database of news recipients. Once a news story has been created, a board meeting scheduled, or a job opening posted, a webmaster can notify specific groups of interested parties of said activity. Streamline communication with your stakeholders while minimizing the amount of work required.


Perfect for:

  • Communication directors needing an easy-to-manager press release tool
  • Principals and office personnel wanting to share important announcements or issue emergency warnings
  • The parent wanting to keep in close contact with their child’s school
  • You!


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