About Us

SCHOOLinSITES exists to be your digital education partner. We provide services that give your school or district an edge in the vast world of online learning.
We connect all your dots.


SCHOOLinSITES has been providing cloud-based education solutions to schools and districts since the 1990’s. As a pioneer in emerging technologies, we are exceptionally proud of the improvements we have made in education. There have also been huge changes in our industry. Companies seem to come and go almost daily, and customers (schools and districts) are bought and sold as companies merge. Suddenly, users do not even know who their new company is, let alone who to ask for help. That is where we are different. We choose to focus our efforts on providing new solutions and a personal relationship to every user. This decision is a key reason why we continue to have the highest retention rate year after year. We are proud to say we know our customers by name. Our customers can count on the SCHOOLinSITES name because it has been here from the beginning.

A name you can trust.
For nearly twenty years, SCHOOLinSITES has been providing internet solutions for schools and districts. We’ve stuffed all that experience into Connect Suite, building it from the ground up with education in mind.
A personal relationship.
SCHOOLinSITES believes our relationship with our customers is extremely personal. It is the major reason why we lead the industry in customer retention. We believe that each customer has unique needs, and we are committed to help meet those needs.
Designed for education.
We believe that technology has the opportunity to change the way we educate. Every product that we create is designed from the ground up for the needs of educational institutions. We never try to fit your needs into a system designed for another purpose; our products are designed for educators.