SCHOOLinSITES is your digital classroom. It help you communicate with students, parents, and other teachers.
It brings all the tools you need to do your job into one place. It connects all your dots.
Take your classroom online.
Teachers can manage all of their classes, online assignments, and more, creating an easy-to-use, yet robust, portal with all of their content. Our secure online classrooms provide safe online interaction that protects students and teachers, keeping parents in the loop.
Manage your class or club.

Your class or club is simple to connect with. Teachers have complete control of membership and content, while students can join quickly. Parents stay notified of events, assignments, and direct communication with teachers and students, while students can even turn in their homework online.

Get everyone involved in learning

Snow days are a thing of the past. Online classrooms empower teachers to interact with students and post lessons, videos, and more. Parents can manage multiple students all in one place and see assignments and upcoming events, interact with teachers, and much more. When people are connected, they can all get more involved in the learning process.