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Student Involvement

Why you’ll love Connect Suite

Connect Suite is a powerful set of tools that allows your students to enhance their learning experience

and keep parents involved every step of the way.

 It connects all your dots.



Turn in assignments online.


Robust calendar is easy to use.


Turn your students into stars.

We have all heard it: “My dog ate my homework.” With Connect Suite, students can upload all their assignments online, making it easy for students, parents, and teachers.


Connect Suite offers an in-depth calendar feature so your students can view all the events and assignments that matter to them. No longer will they be able to say “I didn’t know that was due.”


Connect Suite is the perfect platform for student broadcasts such as news, arts, sports, and graduations. Your students, parents, and teachers will never again miss those important events. If they can’t watch it LIVE, they can view it OnDemand.









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